Mobile LED SIGNS TRAILER SINGLE OR DOUBLE SIDED, also known as led sign trailer fleet is mobile led screen based on trailer chassis, which can be flexibly towed to run by suv or pickup. We offer the signs in two quality , p5mm or p10mm high definition outdoor led screens. 

The big screen is designed to lift up and 360° rotate to get the maximum visibility. also with built in waterproof loud speakers and HD video processor which can connect HD camera to do live broadcast straightly. You can also publish your video content anywhere you want through our cloud remote control system. 

Prime LED USA led screen trailer is very easy to operate,simply unhitch the trailers and turn on a few buttons. One man can quikly set it up.

Mobile LED Screen for All Events

Every event need a screen. A crystal clear big screen always catch the most eyeballs of the attendees.  For Sporting Events, Music Festivals,  Live  Events, the big screen allow people to enjoy and celebrate the most exciting moment. It’s really what the event is actually for.  Use mobile Led Screen to get the screen ready in a super easy and affordable way. 

  • Advertising & Brand Campaign
  • Election, Vote Campaign 
  • School Open Day, Graduation 
  • Sports Broadcast
  • Carnival , Festival Celebration 
  • Live Events Broadcast 
  • Outdoor Movie 
  • Charity Events 
  • Health Care Awareness