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Digital Signage for the Travel and Tourism Industry


on SEP 23, 2016

Digital signage has become an integral part of many businesses’ advertising strategy and now, it opens a number of doors for the travel and tourism industry. Organizations such as airports, train and subway stations, travel agencies, and hotels can benefit greatly (as can their visitors and guests) from the use of LED displays by using it for wayfinding, informational, and entertainment purposes.

Check out our infographic below to learn more about the benefits of digital displays for tourism, travel, and transportation businesses.

Start helping your business, tourists, and fellow local business owners by Prime LED USA A CALL AT 864 401 8535 today! Your personal project manager will be happy to discuss your options and find you the perfect LED sign based on your organization’s goals.

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How LED Signs Make Your Car Wash Stand Out



on FEB 09, 2017

As a car wash owner, you are always looking for a way to attract more customers and boost your bottom line. Car wash LED signs offer the perfect solution for making your business stand out.

Benefits of a Car Wash LED Sign

When you invest in an LED sign for your car wash, you can:

  • Easily and efficiently operate it and update messages.
  • Schedule a rotation of messages in advance.
  • Target drivers passing by who need car washes.

Effective Car Wash LED Sign Advertising

Your LED display can be used to achieve a number of goals, based on your car wash business’s needs.

Sales & Marketing Techniques

  • Place your display right at the street and advertise products, services, and events to bring in traffic.
  • Display information about specific car wash packages to encourage customers to choose the more expensive options.
  • Upsell customers waiting in line.

Customer Service & Wayfinding Techniques

  • Direct customers to the self-serve line.
  • Explain how to use equipment or how to pay for service.
  • Enhance customers’ experience as they go through the wash.
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Powering down your digital signage

Powering down your digital signage

Provided by iStock.

In this guest blog, Jeff Hastings. shares five easy ways to save money and energy while making digital signage more energy efficient and sustainable.

With energy costs rising at 30% year over year, businesses are increasingly concerned about reducing consumption. Digital signage is way below heating, lighting and air conditioning in terms of energy consumption in most offices and retail outlets. Nevertheless, the displays are very visible, and the amount of energy they use can be significant. A display can draw 190W – add in the media player and you’re looking at $400 per year per display, which can scale up to thousands of dollars for even a small network in a chain of regional stores. The good news is that there are simple measures that can be taken to reduce the energy used by signage with no impact on its effectiveness. Here are five ways to minimize energy consumption of your digital signage network.

1. Choose an energy-efficient display

The display is likely to be the biggest consumer of power in your digital signage system. If you haven’t replaced your displays for some time, consider doing so now. Technology is advancing rapidly, and new LCD and LED displays are much more energy-efficient than those available even a few years ago. Before you select a display, compare the wattage of different models and look for energy-saving features. A single display using 10W more power can cost $30 more per year to run.

2. Turn it off when it’s not needed

What can you do to reduce the amount of energy used by your existing displays? Scheduling displays to turn off while not in use is a big first step. Most offices now shut down signage outside working hours, but many retailers keep window displays running all night. With more and more customers concerned about climate change, having brightly lit windows with large displays playing to an empty street is not necessarily a good look anymore. Germany and Spain are two countries that have currently mandated that signage is switched off between 10pm and 6am.

A well-designed digital signage media player offers many pathways to schedule on-off times. An HDMI port can use CEC commands to control the display allowing it to be powered down within of the content programming. Additionally, UDP (network messages), serial, or even HTTP messaging can be used to control displays. Other options include using presence sensors to detect viewers, or touch controls to allow users to activate the displays.

3. Manage the brightness

When you review the specs of a display you will see that most manufacturers don’t give a single figure for power consumption – they offer a minimum and a maximum. What determines whether a display is operating at the lower or the higher end of its power range? One important factor is the brightness level. Clearly, the display needs to be bright enough to draw viewers in and allow them to access the content comfortably. However, the optimum brightness will vary during the day. Displays with automatic brightness controls adjust their brightness to different daylight hours and levels, improving viewer comfort and saving energy. Reducing the brightness of the display can reduce energy consumption by as much as 20%.

4. Consider the content

Another important factor is the content itself. Direct View LED displays can use less power if content is created in so-called “Dark Mode”, meaning it is of lower contrast, and based primarily on dark color palettes. A black pixel on a Direct View LED display uses less power than a white pixel.

Also on the issue of content, signage can make a major contribution to other energy-saving measures in the business. With digital displays in the form of energy dashboards, you can inspire or encourage the kind of behavior among your employees required to be more sustainable. These dashboards display energy consumption in real time and will encourage your team to save more.

5. Consider the player

While the media playback device is certainly a smaller factor than the display in terms of power consumption, it is still important, and it is worth putting power consumption on your list of considerations when choosing a player.

In all cases, a purpose-built player is the most power-efficient solution, as there will be no component in the player that is unnecessary and doesn’t contribute directly to the digital signage experience. CPU, memory, video, audio and image decoders, and IO ports are combined on the platform to draw exactly the power they need. Such a player will also be based on a purpose-built OS that directs the hardware specifically for digital signage experiences. The best purpose-built players are fanless. Consider this: a fan is using electricity to get rid of heat that was generated by electricity in the first place.


By taking a few simple measures organizations can achieve significant cost savings while simultaneously battling the effects of climate change.

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Why Led Signs? Prime LED USA

Digital displays are becoming a tool for branding. They are a great way to make an everlasting presence of your company in the competitive marketing world. Our LED displays not only help with promotions, but also provide vital information to consumers.

In recent times, we have seen a sharp rise in the use of digital displays to engage customers effectively. Digital signage is used in health, sports, education, corporate offices, hospitality and retail. They allow any business to showcase their services, products or any other content, helping them to attract customers and make them stand out.


  • LED outdoor signs for business draws 72 percent more interest than web advertising. It is a technique that every sector, whether it be retail, hospitality, healthcare, technology, education, sports or corporate setting, is embracing to connect effectively with customers. Digital signage has become a business marketing tool.
  • Digital signage has been a part of our everyday lives. LED displays are common sights at airports and train stations, where digital displays are used to view departure and arrival times, among other pieces of information. Many of us have ordered food from a restaurant chain just by looking at the digital menu. We are more used to the digital world than we were a decade ago; that’s why lighted business signs are more important in today’s world.
  • Visual information is 90% of the data that our brain processes. No wonder more than 60 percent of individuals who see a product on a LED display want to know more about the product.
  • 40 percent of clients believe that their purchase decisions are influenced by indoor LED displays. LED displays entice customers to invest more. As many as 80 percent of customers decided to visit a store because their attention was captured by the LED sign outside the shop.
  • It is not shocking that digital signs are noticed by potential clients, but it is striking that people recall seeing them and recalling the content they saw a month earlier. The digital signage recall rate is 83 per cent.


Not only do outdoor lighted business signs displays attract attention, but they are also cost-effective. While on the other hand, it costs a lot of money to put up traditional banners; it takes three days to dry the paint used for traditional banners entirely, and it is costly to do manual labor to put up huge traditional banners.

In brand marketing, outdoor displays play a crucial role. To ensure that it reaches the target audience, the position of an outside digital display is important. The correct size of digital signage also plays a critical role in influencing customers; it is equally important to have the size of text, product, and product placement.

In malls, stores, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, indoor light up signs for business are used. It is easy to reach the replacement pieces of indoor signage and has greater operational value. The highly customizable screens allow businesses to alter the material as many times as one needs.

So, let’s review why digital signage is crucial for the company.


  1. Attention Grabbing
  2. An edge over your competition
  3. Abundance of Choices
  4. Low maintenance costs
  5. Interactive
  6. Ecologically Friendly
  7. Animation, Multicolor Graphics and Text
  8. Automatic Control for Brightness

It is essential for a company, whether small or large, to focus on the digital display in today’s digital world. So, call us on (864) 401 8535 PRIME LED USA if you are looking for LED store signs near you and be discovered!