Executive summary:
The global lighting market has drastically changed over the years. We are now in a world of revolutionary technology. As our country is fueled with exponential urban growth development, we strive for greater energy efficiency. That’s why LED PRIME USA has played a significant role in the economic development.Our LED signs offer your organization the lowest price, while being the best and highest quality digital signage. With this durable and long lasting investment, we offer indoor and outdoor led signs with the highest resolution on the market while being environmental friendly, which enables you to be the innovative tech savvy that you are deep inside.

-What is LEDLED stands for light emission diode, it can be used for a number of lighting applications, available across the spectrum of visible, infrared, and ultraviolet.
How led works:
Light-emitting diodes (LED) are semiconductors. As electrons pass through this type of semiconductor, it turns into light.

Why us?
Our led sign experts want to help you improve your business, research has shown that using led technologies can increase your sales and improve your business. Our signs can be seen from blocks away and are totally customizable making it one of the best marketing tools. We have up to 20 sizes ready to ship! Our led signs are multi colored with many shadows and gradients to catch customers eyes. Not to forget to mention that our LED signs are weather proof: whether it’s extreme heat or freezing cold and even heavy rain!
Top quality:
Our led signs are clear and and bright day or night. Our LED signs offer many special effects such as neon texts, borders, laser effects, display messages using line format, images, videos, moving messages, rotating , scrolling still and many more! The best part is that it is very easy to operate while being the best way to spread the word about your company.

3 year warranty
If anything were to happen to your sign, we would cover the Damages and get you a replacement the next business day!


Further product description include;
Real time clock and date, stop watch, multi language, animating icons, pictures, videos, fonts, special characters, symbols, icons, adjustable lighting brightness, adjustable message display, and low energy consumption.